Solutions for the Agroindustry

Protect your crops with our agrotextiles and meshes, tapes and agricultural ties, and much more.

Food distribution

We offer a wide range of bags, meshes and bands for the optimal conservation and distribution of food.

Construction Industry

We offer different meshes to ensure the protection and privacy of construction sites.

Logistics solutions

Pack and transport your products safely with Marienberg’s solutions.

aquaculture industry

Solutions for the end of the packaging line, as well as high-quality ropes and meshes.

Corrugated and press industry

Solutions for the consolidation of packages, strapping of boxes and elements for the safe transfer of products.


Marienberg is a leading manufacturer of ropes, twine, plastic straping, extruded and knitted mesh bags, and raschel shade netting, with over 80 years of experience at the forefront of the market.


We have been at the forefront of the market for over 80 years, manufacturing, marketing, and representing innovative and high-quality products. We make sure you always receive the best support from the most professional company in our industry.


our online store

We have a wide variety of products for different industries. Visit our store to review our products in detail.

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